Parent::Children controller


I'm creating a simple blog to test RoR. I've created an area to manage
my blog posts by using the "generate controller Admin::Posts". After
creating my actions, I can acess them by using:


Everything working till here. But I would like to display a blog
overview here:


So I've created an admin controller: "generate controller Admin" and an
"index" action. The new index action works but, the previous
posts/action_here not anymore.

I think that when I put /admin/posts on the URL and the controller
admin exists, I need to tell that I want to use the posts_controller,
not the admin_controller. Someone knows how can I do that?

Or if someone has a better idea to implement this I'll be grateful!

Thanks for your attention!

map.connect '/admin', :controller => 'admin/posts', :action=>'index'

have the desired effect?