paperclip image styles getting cropped

Hello All,

I am using rails paperclip plugin for image upload.
my image has different styles and the original image gets cropped
while processing styled image.

I dont want image to be cropped.
Is there any way ???

Sandip R~

Paperclip should only adjust the original image if you have a style
setup for :original
Perhaps send your has_attached_file code if that doesn't help

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here is my attached file code

#Files attached to channels
has_attached_file :logo,
:styles => { :small_thumb => [ “64x44#”, :jpg ],
:large_thumb => [ “81x81#”, :jpg ]},
:storage => :s3,
:path => “:attachment/:id/:style.:extension”,
:s3_credentials => open( “#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/s3.yml”, ‘r’ ),
:s3_permissions => ‘public-read’,
:bucket => ApplicationConfig[ ‘s3_buckets’ ][ ‘channels’ ][ ‘logo’ ],
:default_url => “/images/missing/channels/logo/:style.gif”

Sandip R~

uploading a square image is not a problem.
but when i upload a rectangular image.
image gets distorted.


Based on this code, both the :small_thumb and :large_thumb will be
cropped but nothing should be happening to the original image at all.

First check you're using the latest version of Paperclip and then file
a bug with Paperclip if it persists.

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“#” used in style needs to be removed.

#Files attached to channels
has_attached_file :logo,
:styles => { :small_thumb => [ “64x44”, :jpg ],
:large_thumb => [ “81x81”, :jpg ]},

:storage => :s3,
:path => ":attachment/:id/:style.:



Your resizing will warp (squash or stretch) images if they don't match
your dimensions.
To resize while maintaining aspect ratio, use "64x64>" - This will
result in either the width or the height = 64 and the other side will
be relatively smaller.
To resize with crop, use "64x64#" - This will result in both width and
height = 64 and the longer of the two will be cropped evenly on either

You should usually use one of these unless you are very sure of the
aspect ratio of the images being uploaded.

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Thanks, Andrew !
I will make that change

Sandip R~