:style error in paperclip

Hi all

:style => {:thumb => '200x200>'} is not working for paperclip gem


So whats the problem?

Is it creating 199 by 199 thumbnails?

Is it creating 20000 by 20000 thumbnails?

Is it doing nothing?

Is it crashing your web server?

What do the log files say?

Do you think we are psychic?

How is it "not working"? What error message do you get?

I don't use paperclip, but should that be :styles rather than :style?


Actually when I am writing has_attached_file :image in user.rb is
working .It's creating a file like image/id/original/image.jpg,
but when I am writing has_attached_file :image , :style => {:thumb =>
'200x200>'} the user is can not be saved
and also thumb is not created....

Please do help I am a newbie to ROR from few months ago.

"Basic usage" agrees:

debadatta wrote:

Hi all

:style => {:thumb => '200x200>'} is not working for paperclip gem


In general, please don't start a new thread simply because no-one has
responded in a couple of hours...

My first recommendation would be as mentioned in earlier replies...
RTFM (read the fine manual), and google for other peoples examples of
success (or even failure) to determine what might be wrong with your

For more tips on how to ask questions the smart way, see esr's classic
essay, "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way", at: