paperclip question

Hi All,

  My application is using paperclip and its working fine without any
problems, I am able to generate the thumb images and big images from
actual uploaded images. There are many images already uploaded by the
users. Now I want to create small images from the original uploaded
image. For the newly uploaded images its working fine but how can I do
the same for already uploaded image??

  if photo.get_photo(:small).nil?


what the code I can write inside or any other way I can do the same??


This might get you goingL, "rb") {|file|
        self.image = file


Rake paperclip:reprocess

May be you can try to check url for you thumbnails for example:

# has_att.. :image

if photo.image.blank? or photo.image.url(:small).blank?

You can do it by just writing a rake task which takes in the already
uploaded images one by one
and then reprocess them and upload them again.
This will take care of the small and other styles of the images.

Hope this helps.


Thanks all for your suggestions...
Hansraj, can you please post the code snippet which does that...