Paginating with couchrest_model


In my rails application, I am using couchrest_model to connect to a couchDB database.

I have a model like this:

[code] class Author < CouchRest::Model::Base

  property :id, Integer   property :title, String   property :first_name, String   property :last_name, String

  # view to get only the documents which starts with "authors" - Table Authors   view_by :id,           :map => "function(doc) {             if(doc._id.indexOf('authors') == 0) {               emit(null, doc);             }           }"

end [/code]

In the controller the function is simple:


def list    @authors = Author.by_id() end


And in the view I iterate the @authors to show the results.

I would like to implement pagination but I don't know how. I already implemented pagination before, when I was using a PostgreSQL database and active records (will_paginate), but now, I am stuck with this.

Anyone can help me with a simple example?

There is a recipe for pagination in the couchdb guide