Pagination with HABTM relationship

I am wondering how to do pagination on a model that has a HABTM
relationship through a join model.

The models

Is this impossible or just not challenging enough to get a responce?
Please enlighten me if you know how to do this.

Thanks in advance -- K


Here are 2 links to plug-ins that others have recommended. I tried the
first one about a month ago and never quite got it working (I can't
remember what the problem was).


Is the "Custom Pagination" section here helpful?



The cardboardrocket paginating_find works great for me. Although I had
to make some small changes to get it to work properly... here's an
example from my code:

@products = Product.find(:all,
          :conditions => [ "category_id = ?", params[:id]],
          :order => "name",
          :page => {:size => 20,
                         :first => 1,
                         :current => params[:page] || 1 })

Notice the way I handle the :current. anyways hope it helps if you go
that route.

good luck,

Chad - that sounds good. Would you mind sharing a code snippet from
your view as to how you handle the paging? I think that may have been
what I was missing.


Thank you Ryan! The custom pagination worked perfectly.

Here is the code I added to the list method in the controller:

# step 1: read and set the variables you'll need
       page = (params[:page] ||= 1).to_i
       items_per_page = 8
       offset = (page - 1) * items_per_page
   # step 2: do your custom find without doing any kind of limits or
       @pages = @user.pages
   # step 3: create a Paginator, the second variable has to be the
number of ALL items on all pages
       @which_pages =, @pages.length,
items_per_page, page)
   # step 4: only send a subset of @pages to the view
    @pages = @pages[offset..(offset + items_per_page - 1)]

Mind you, this is not a super efficient method, but as long as the
number of user.pages is not too large it should not impact performance.
Now if users have thousands of pages ...