help with pagination

I'm trying to follow the Agile Web Development example, and do pagination.

I have a model SearchTerm, and another model Listing

Here's SearchTerm

class SearchTerm < ActiveRecord::Base   has_many :listings end

In my admin controller, if I do this

  def show     @search_term = SearchTerm.find(params[:id])   end

Then, with a given id related to a search term, in a view, I can iterate through listings that are related to a given search term id, like this:

<% @search_term.listings.undeleted.each do |listing| %> <div><%= listing.title %></div> <% end %>

But I can't figure out how to paginate these listings. The Agile Web Development example uses one table with no parent table. If I do this in my admin controller:

  def list     @listing_pages, @listings = paginate :listings, :per_page => 25   end

I can have a list.rhtml view, with this

<% for listing in @listings %> <%= listing.title %> <% end %>

Then if I navigate to

I certainly get a paginated list of 25 listings, but of course they are not related to a given search term id, in my search_terms table. It just starts with the first listing in the listings table, and gives the first 25.

How do I hook up pagination to the parent table?



I posted a long how-to-paginate article that might help you.

Best, Kevin Skoglund