OWASP/RailsGoat Mentor/Technical Advisor request

Would anyone in the Rails Core community like to be a mentor

or technical advisor for the OWASP/RailsGoat (WebGoat

project rewritten in Ruby-on-Rails) project as part of the

2018 OWASP/GSOC program (They have been accepted)?

Here is our OWASP/RailsGoatGSOC information wiki page

for information and links to other resources?

OWASP/RailsGoat is a teaching platform (vulnerable

“OWASP Top 10” app) for Ruby-on-Rails developers

and security professionals.

Thanks in advance,

Al Snow (@jasnow on Github)

OWASP/RailsGoat/GSOC Coordinator

PS. We are open to additional OWASP/RailsGoat project ideas too.