Overriding routes

Is there a way to use ‘resources’ while still using our own conventions?

In Rails 1.2.3 and earlier I simply override it. I’m not sure how to do
it > 1.2.3.

In my app, I have two Posts controller, one is for admin (read write)
side, one is for user (read only) side.

The intended named routes would be:

  • admin_posts /admin/posts/
  • admin_show_post /admin/posts/2
  • edit /admin/posts/2/edit
  • update /admin/posts/2
  • posts /posts/
  • post /posts/2
  • (etc.)
    I think I can do this using 3 resources statements, IF ‘resources’ is
    fragmentable, one for admin index and show (that has custom named
    routes name), one for edit and update and destroy, one for regular show
    and index.

But for now, I’m not sure how to do this other than setting up the
routes manually using the old way (i.e. without using ‘resources’).

Or to put it another way:

How can I suppress a few routes to be generated by resource/resources
statement? (i.e. I only want index and show, but not the others; or I
want to exclude destroy)

Thank you.

(I’m posting this to core since this only applies to later Rails

ActionController::Resources does not provide a way to exclude routes
or use your own conventions. This isn't really a support forum,
that's what the main rubyonrails-talk is for. This forum is to
discuss future development of the rails framework.