OT: Redmine and GIT

If anyone has experience with using Redmine (http://www.redmine.org/) with GIT for project management then I would appreciate your thoughts on it. Particularly if you have had precious experience with Trac/Subversion.

With the growing number of RoR plugins and support projects moving to GIT from SVN I am considering the advisability of moving our own VCS from SVN to GIT. However, we use Trac as both a project management and business documentation tool. While Trac integrates very nicely with SVN it has been a long time since Trac had a general release upgrade ( I am familiar with V 0.11.bx ) and GIT integration seems very limited even in the 0.11 branch.

So, I am considering alternatives to Trac and Redmine appeared on the horizon.

Comments, please.

I never did get any comments on this question but, in the meantime, we have successfully converted our project management to redmine from trac. Today we switched our project SCM from SVN to GiT and linked the local git repository to redmine.

So far everything works well. We employed mod_rails (a.k.a. passenger) for the redmine instance on our Apache 2.2 server. No issues with that set up either. Both the redmine install and the Apache configuration were trivial to perform compared to what my notes indicate we went through to set up Trac.

Redmine is a R-o-R application, is Rails 2.0.2 compatible, and is well worth a look. It supports multiple projects, provides both wiki and formuns and has a slew of other features that I have yet to explore.

See https://www.redmine.org

I am having a little problem with the form that the GiT repository ended up in following the conversion from SVN and I wonder if somebody with more experience with GiT and Subversion than I posses can point out a way to resolve this.

The setup of the Subversion repository is/was this:


The command that I used to convert this to GiT was:

git-svn clone --authors-file=git-svn.users --no-metadata https://svn.harte-lyne.ca/hll/&lt;project&gt; <target/directory>

Now, when I do a git-clone from the resulting git-repository I see this:

project `-- trunk     >-- README     >-- Rakefile     >-- _irbrc     >-- app     > >-- controllers     > > >-- application.rb     > > >-- clients_controller.rb     > > >-- entities_controller.rb     > > >-- entity_client_controller.rb     > > >-- locations_controller.rb     > > >-- nav_menus_controller.rb     > > >-- sites_controller.rb     > > `-- val_location_types_controller.rb     > >-- helpers

So, how do I get rid of the trunk intermediate directory, which I infer is some sort of artifact from my subversion set up?

James Byrne wrote:

So, how do I get rid of the trunk intermediate directory, which I infer is some sort of artifact from my subversion set up?


# Explicitly clone from svn project trunk # git-svn clone --authors-file=git-svn.users --no-metadata \   https://svn.harte-lyne.ca/&lt;master\-project&gt;/&lt;subproject&gt;/trunk <project>.git_tmp