Moved Rails Projects to Git?

Has anyone on the list moved all their svn rails projects to git? There are a ton of blog posts and various instructions on how to co-exist with a master svn repo, serving out your rails project, and then locally using git, but I have yet to find one that explains the process of moving everything to git permanently. So far I've cloned all my rails projects, but I'm not sure if that's the right way to go about it.

Rick Olsen twiitterd a link to a ruby script on pastie that did something like this, however, pastie is down at the moment so I cannot get to it.

I've been seeing git come up a lot recently. Where's all the hype coming from? What does it give me that SVN doesn't, because I'm in love with SVN (previously used SourceSafe and CVS). When did this start, and is there like a good writeup anywhere on why to use git instead of SVN?

We looked at it but we rely pretty heavily on Piston so we haven't moved yet. We also looked at SVK, with similar outcome.


Here is Linus' talk at Google about git:

It's not extremely technical but it's good for a general idea of what git provides.

Thanks! Watching this now.

For what it's worth, the mechanics of moving from SVN to Git are pretty trivial -- use git-svn to clone the repository and go from there. The commands are different but the concepts aren't alien (except perhaps with the idea of moving patches between repositories).

The bigger issues come in with Rails-supporting software that relies on SVN. For example, if you use piston to manage your plugins you'll need a new way. If you use Capistrano to deploy you'll need to reconfigure to use Git, etc.

That latter problem has been solved (Promovare web și campanii de marketing online | SEO și optimizare | Realizare Site și WebDesign |, but I haven't yet seen a good solution to plugin management. If someone has one, please do post it.


For SVN, I like google code :slight_smile: