Online Shopping Application

Hi All,

I have posted this Q's, but I cannot see it in the group...

Anyway I am new in rails, I would like build online shopping for my
commodities and I want my customers see what is the new online, I do
not want use any payment methods if is it hard, I want showing the
product,price and picture. I want it sample and useful. I do not want
open source project I want build it via frameworks ... etc coz I want

Is it easy to build it or hard?
What are the requirements?

Please if you have any idea or suggestion please share it.


Hi Waleed,

I recommend picking up a copy of the "Agile web development with
rails" book. ( The
first part of this book takes you step by step to create a shopping
cart application and then further explains how rails works.

You can get a pdf version if sending the book or picking it up at your
local bookstore is a problem.

Good luck,