Online Client Intake Questionnaire

I need a developer(s) for an online client intake questionnaire for
law firms immediately. Developer can telecommute (we are located in
Colorado), must be available immediately and full time. I have
professional design documents as well as a legacy desktop application
and I want a fixed priced bid and time to delivery for the alpha
product. Candidates must sign an NDA/non-compete to get design docs
for bid. Contract project has the possibility of working into a full-
time hire. I also will need a recommendation on a secure hosting
service, and your methods for development, testing, and support. I
have investment dollars in the bank to pay for this contract product
but will also consider partial equity payment. I need someone with
experience developing web applications, not just informational/
community websites.

Application requirements:
-Two UI's: one for novice Client Users, step by step easy to use
interface, like TurboTax. One for expert Law Firm Users, efficient
work flow. Both types of users will work on the same data but not
-Great user experience is very important... no slow response, no lost
information if they click the wrong place.
-Online billing as part of workflows
-Security is extremely important, at every level (browser, email,
-200 law firms within the first couple of months, with each law firm
having at least 20 clients each annually. Grow to thousands of law
firms soon. Law firms can work with their own clients' data, but not
see any other law firms' data.
-Output extremely important: must generate a state court mandated
format of the data in a PDF. Need a reporting tool that we can train
a non-developer to use after the first couple of formats created,
since every state has it's own mandated format.
-Questionnaire must optionally be able to appear as though it is on
the law firm's website.
-email progress notifications

Future application requirements:
-Customizable UI. Law firms can add/delete questions on questionnaire,
add logos.
-Review workflow. Law firms check answers that need to be fixed and
add comments. Clients go back and fix checked items. Email
-reporting/query dashboard
-APIs with Outlook, then law practice management software.

This application will need to interact with informational website,
probably in Drupal (PHP), and CRM product, probably in SugarCRM.

Please describe your experience and how you would accomplish the
requirements listed above.