one-to-many through scaffolding?

I'm working on my first one-to-many. Through scaffolds I have CRUD
interfaces for the "feeds" and "items" tables. I have everything
configured for a one-to-many O/R mapping, to my knowledge.

Is there a scaffold command I can run to create a CRUD interface with
both "feeds" and "items" on the same interface?

All the code is hosted at the google repository, it can be browsed. Here
are some specific links for some code (rather than posting it):

entry point:

specific files:



Do you mean the views will automatically show what the ActiveRecord
model relationships are through the code generated?

<% for column in Feed.content_columns %>
  <b><%= column.human_name %>:</b> <%=h @feed.send( %>
<% end %>

<%= link_to 'Edit', :action => 'edit', :id => @feed %> |
<%= link_to 'Back', :action => 'list' %>

I think that I need to edit this file so that the list of feeds will
include the items?


Maybe not automatically, but, yes, down the road, that's what I want :slight_smile:


Can I at least tweak this (generated) file so that *all* the fields are
displayed when feeds is listed? I changing:

<% for column in Feed.content_columns %>


<% for column in Feed.content %>

but that didn't have any visible effect :frowning:

Of course I'll be hitting google, but...

If I can at least get those primary keys visible that will be progress!