Odd replace_html outcome

In my controller I have a simple "create" method and in the output
section, I have:

      format.js do
        @traces = Trace.getLatest
        render :update do |page|
          page.visual_effect :highlight, :homeContentPanel
          page.replace_html :homeContentPanel, :partial => "home/
traceList", :locals => { :traces => @traces}, :layout => false

The intent is to, of course, simply updated a div "homeContentPanel"
with the results of a partial. The partial that is _normally_ a part
of the div anyway.

What I get is a completely odd formatted output. A sample is below.

Try { new Effect.Highlight("homeContentPanel",{});
Element.update("homeContentPanel", "
\n \n Time\n Description\n Date Entered

It's as if it's in debug mode.


Your link_to_remote, form_remote_tag etc... is using an :update option which means "stick the response from the server in this element" but you're using a render :update block which means "generate some javascript to perform some changes"

Do one or the other, but not both.


...oh.... oh... right. I knew that. You passed.

Thanks a billion. :slight_smile: