render partial vs. page.replace_html

Hey all,

i simple try to update a partial in my index file.
(it contains two partials, and i want to update one of them)

But when i use, render :partial => .... it shows the partial but without
the rest of the layout (navigation / footer...)

if i use page[...].replace_html, it shows me the AJAX code in the
browser.. :-/

How can i do this?

(I also try render :partial... , :layout => 'application' so it shows my
navigation and so on, but not the index file ..)

Thx for your help!

Ok, i solved it :slight_smile:

i have to use:
link_to_remote 'update', :update...

and in the action simple:

render :partial...

greetings :slight_smile:

I just wanted to answer that, but you posted it faster than me

hehehehe :smiley: