OAuth, OpenId and Facebook Connect e.t.c.

Hi Guys,

I am going to set up a social networking website in which Users can
establish relationships and events, and these events are supposed to
be requestable from other Consumer Website(s).

It is likely that OAuth is necessary for my structures.

And for easy to use, my Website should allow signup from OpenId and
Facebook Connect.

I am afraid that putting this together with ad-hoc approach will make
things complicated and limited the accessibility from Consumer

Therefore, I am writing to request your opinion about what is the best
practice in such setup? And what are the gems that I am likely to

I have a few in my mind and I don't know mashup all these just work:

1. OAuth plugin: http://github.com/pelle/oauth-plugin
2. AuthLogic + facebooker

Thanks much!

Checkout TOG for reference, which recently has added the Facebook Connect, OAuth and other connection plugins. http://www.toghq.com/