Facebook, authlogic, and OAuth2

Has anyone gotten started with getting the OAuth2 replacement for
Facebook Connect working with auth_logic?

I know there is an OAuth2 gem (http://intridea.com/2010/4/22/oauth2-
gem-just-in-time-for-facebook-graph?blog=company), and I'm thinking of
using that to integrate.

Anyone know when the Fb Connect API will be shut down?

I would also be interested, we are currently using authlogic...

Yes ,working with authlogic you can use authlogic_rpx gem to make your
application login using facebook or anyothers.


For rpx

Rpx might be good for some people. It's a single sign-on service that
you pay a nominal fee to use.

Doesn't fit the bill for me. Thanks.

I'm working on a new version of authlogic_oauth that will use
I think it's what you are searching for...
It will be released at the end of the week, keep eyes on http://github.com/potomak

nice. I'll be looking forward to that.

Will it play nice with other login options (the old oauth in
particular, which is still needed for Twitter)?


I recall the author saying he made the new gem as opposed to doing
changes in the original oauth gem because oauth2 is "a different

I tried to use the oauth2 gem to log-in to twitter, and I confirm -
obviously- it doesn't work.

I'm looking forward Twitter to implement oauth 2.

I just released a gem yesterday that adds OAuth2 support to Authlogic if
you guys are still looking for something. You can find it here: