No More Javascript Petittion website

Came across this website that is trying to get another langauge to replace javascript. It actually specifically talks about having ruby be the next language so you can build your whole rails app with one language!!!

Sounds interesting. put some commnets. lets see how they will come…


People behind that website can't really be serious.

Signing a petition or even raising a huge amount of funds is not going to
change the fact that browsers will have to support JavaScript for decades, and
that a replacement only makes sense if it has enough browser support.
Microsoft and Google are already working on a replacement language for
JavaScript (TypeScript and Dart respectively), and they are doing it in the
only way that makes sense: by providing a compile-to-javascript as a fallback.
Mozilla I think is not working on a new language, but on ASM.js instead, which
is a different beast.

Last but not least, those people opted for trying to critizise JavaScript by
completely quoting out of context Douglas Crockford, a person who claims that
despite its many flaws, JavaScript is a very useful language with great

And the final insult:

That website is totally whack. If you're going to write a manifesto -- and post it on its own domain -- you should at least have something coherent to say that doesn't make you sound like a total amateur.

"Because Ruby looks prettier" is not serious argument.

Also I really question the lack of accountability -- does the author have a real name? Whenever I write stuff in the public sphere I use my real, public name. This notion that it's ok to be anonymous "just because" strikes me as very immature and frankly a little bit entitled.

Just my 2¢. Glad you posted it, gave me a good laugh.

I’m laughing at them.