newbie - which version to start with


I am a Ruby on Rails newbie and have some questions.

The latests versions seem to be:   Rails 2.0.2 and   Ruby 1.8.6

Should I install these? What about ruby gems? Is there a specific version for that?

Also, I have bought the RoR book (Agile Web Development with Rails), but it covers a 1.x version of Rails. Is it useful to start off trying things out by following this book (with older versions)?

In the RoR weblog there seems to be too many complaints about installations, setups, versions, and so on... thus help would be very appreciated.

Thank you

I think it is better to start of with the latest version, by refering to online guides, like Fabio Akita's rails 2 screencast and tutorial, and refer to the RoR book along the way in the same time, so you know what are the new changes in Rails 2. Don't bother bout the installation problem, you'll solve it out along the way even if you have.

You may want to check out RailsCasts (free)
and PeepCode (not free, but well worth the $ IMHO) http:// Both have updated material available.

Good luck. Mike