Newbie: Still confused on pluralizing controllers and mo

I believe current recommended practice is to have plural controllers. For example,

script/generate scaffold widget

creates app/models/widget.rb and app/controllers/widgets_controller.rb What does a WidgetsController do? It controls all widgets (note the plural).

Michael Glaesemann
grzm seespotcode net

I think I got all twisted around with camels and pluralizes, such
that I'm getting load errors. This is just a small identity
attribute that I want to be able to add to, so having auto-generated
scaffold is okay for now... once I get past load errors!

/app/models/project_type.rb <== should that be ProjectType.rb,
projectType.rb or as is?
class ProjectType < ActiveRecord::Base

/db/migrate/008_create_project_types.rb <== created using generate
model projectTypes IIRC
class CreateProjectTypes < ActiveRecord::Migration
   def self.up
     create_table :project_types do |t|
       t.column "name", :string

class ProjectTypesController < ApplicationController
   scaffold :project_types

all this (begun using script/generate commands, then for better or
worse edited by me to try getting around load errors) results in:
LoadError in Project typesController#index

app/models/project_type.rb to define ProjectType