newbie question about routing with forms & db items


I am trying to do my 1st ror application. I would like to make web
form routing on this manner:

1st page: http://myurl/start

this page will read information from mysql database and show items as
web form

2. on http://myurl/start page is submit button which submits all form
items to action select

3. action select gives out new form which have all information from
the start page and it will create
new web form with some additional items read from the database (based
on the user input given on start page).

4. select web form page will then submit all data back to database

What I have done now is:

on routes.rb I have defined

map.resources :imitems

(this will handle all basic database functions ie. edit new item,
delete etc)

then I have added 2 new actions on routes.rb table: (which use imitems
database schema)

# /imitems/start