Noob -- Relational controller actions question

Hey Guys,

Just a quick question. Let's say that i have a todo list app. One todolist can have many todo_items.

I had read that in the RESTful routing, you want to have a max of 7 or so actions in a controller before you have to start defining more actions in the routes. So lets say I wanted to create a new todo_item for my todolist. Would I post the form to the todo_items controller or should I post the form to the Todolist controller with a new action called add_item or something like that?

Mainly, I just want to know what the "Right" way to do this is..

Any help you can give me, I would greatly appreciate


It's not just 7 or so actions, its 7 specific actions for a controller:

index show new edit create update destroy

You don't have to use all of them, you might have a controller that just implements the index action for example. When you are considering adding an action outside of these 7 another controller might be a better answer.

For your todo app a new TodoItem would likely be processed by the TodoItemsController create action.