RESTful route for a form

I'm trying to figure out what the route should be for a form I'm
creating. I have 2 tables: rooms, teches. One room can have many
teches (ie, computers), and I've created a form for moving a tech from
one room to the other. I've setup a form that pulls a list of room
names and their ids and creates a menu select where the user can
select a room for the computer. When the form runs, it will update
the tech with a new foreign key pointing to a different room.

I've created a new method in the tech controller called "move" and I'm
confused about what the route should look like. First of all, is a
route RESTful if it does not use a CRUD method? I'm assuming that my
action in the route should be "move" like the name of the method, but
technically, I'm just updating... so is the action then update?

When I rake my routes I should see something like:

move_tech [GET or PUT] /teches/:id/move {:controller =>
"teches", :action => "move" }

or am I completely off-base here?

thanks again for all the help!