Newbie Alert: RoR on Passenger issue


Just finished installing RoR on my brand new linode Ubuntu 9.04 VPS using following guides:

However, when I click on “About your application’s environment” I get following error:

Passenger encountered the following error:
The application spawner server exited unexpectedly

Exception class:

I've got absolutely the same problem, but with 9.10, following the same
guide on linode library.

Did you restart Apache?

Any gems installed apart from the default ones?

jhaagmans wrote:

Any gems installed apart from the default ones?

nothing, just followed the guide

There's no real error in the OP. Are you sure your message states the
exact same? What does the rest of your server setup look like?

I've found similar reports with no real error messages on the net, but
those problems appear to be caused by memory limits and such. Could
that be a problem on your setup?