New to Rails. Looking for some help

I have been working with Ruby on Rails for about a week.

I am trying to figure out a problem.

I have a small relational database.

resources :client do   resources :department do     resources :task   end end

What I want is to be able to add tasks while looking a specific "show" of a department.


<h1> Department: </h1> <%= render @department %> <h2> Tasks: </h2> <%= render @department.tasks %> <h2> Add a Task: </h2> INSERT FORM HERE

now I am likely to want to move this off as a partial under the /tasks but at a basic level how do I create this form?

In order to do this I know I have to define the create method in my tasks controller and then create a <%= form_for .... %> I am just struggling with this.

Please help!


Hi John,

Bill -

Thanks so much for your response. I spent a good portion of yesterday on google trying to solve this. I was dancing around the solution. I appreciate your help.

Hi John,