New RoR site launched ... Football Squares

Last fall we began testing the Rails platform here at our small
development firm by building a web version of the classic office pool
game of football squares for internal use. We stopped working on the
project, though the test convinced us that we needed to dump LAMP-stack
/ .NET / J2EE in favor Rails wherever possible. After a year of
successful Rails application deployments, we dusted off the project,
smoothed over the edges, upgraded with RJS and migrations (yes, it was
originally created that long ago) and have deployed it publicly:

It's all free and we've got some token prizes for this NFL season while
we search for sponsors. Right now it's running on LightTPD + Apache,
but we're considering an upgrade to Apache+Mongrel. We encourage you
to play and have fun, and of course your feedback and suggestions are

Many thanks to this list for the continued support.


Cutover to a Mongrel cluster proxied through Apache 2.2. Much better
performance it seems, without having run any qunatifiable performance
tests. The only downtime was the reboot needed when we upgraded the box
from FC4 to FC5 (using yum).