DEVELOPER WANTED for football management game

Hi there,

I'm the Creative Director of In The Dugouts, which is a new football
management game.

Three years ago we started work on the site with a part time developer,
growing to the point where we now have a number of current and
ex-professionals acting as consultants for us on in-game content.

We went full time at the start of the year and have developed a huge
amount of the game including the match engine, team and player
generation. We are looking for a developer / developers on a full time
basis (or part time with reasonable hour commitment per week) may be

We have a great team including a Lead Artist who works in computer games
but has also done special effects for a number of Hollywood films.

We are working with Ruby on Rails, Backbone JS, Bitbucket. We have a
good amount of work left to do so would love to hear from those
interested. You can contact me at

We'd like to hear from those with the relevant experience, details of
your likely preferred hourly commitment per week, desired hourly rate
and availability over the next few months. Preferably an interest /
basic understanding of football would be good but it's not absolutely

We look forward to hearing from you.

Asa Jennings
Creative Director