New Rails CMS and rapid web development tool

After more than three years of development I am excited to announce DRG CMS to the world.

DRG CMS is alternative way of programming application in Ruby on Rails. Instead of creating controllers and views for each collection (table) model, DRG CMS introduces single (cmsedit) controller which uses DRG Forms to control CRUD database operations.

DRG CMS uses Mongo DB, leading NO-SQL document database, as database back-end with a help of mongoid gem. Mongoid’s flexible document model defines all document fields, indexes, dependencies, validations in single model file with no Rails migrations required.

DRG CMS can coexist with other frameworks which use Mongo DB as database back-end. Use your favorite framework for presenting data on web and use DRG CMS with its easy to create DRG Forms as data entry back-end.

DRG CMS can coexist with other databases and Rails controllers. I can highly recommend using DRG CMS in heterogeneous database Intranet projects. I am currently actively developing in-house application which uses MongoDB as primary database and connects frequently to Oracle and MS-SQL databases.

Main DRG CMS features:

  • Uses MongoDB with Mongoid ODM as database back-end
  • Multiple sites on single Rails instance. All sites can share design, data, users …
  • Every site may have its own Rails layout (own javascript and css files) or share layout with other sites
  • Every site may have its own main data pages collection or can share pages content with other sites
  • Single (cmsedit) Rails controller, controlled by DRG Forms
  • DRG Form entry fields can be extended by adding classes to DrgcmsFormFields module
  • Form generator
  • Optimistic locking
  • Journal with option to undo single field anywhere back in time
  • Two level role based access system. First level defines users with rights to view or modify page data (have CMS menu enabled). Second level defines granular access for every collection
  • i18n internationalization support with Slovenian translation included
  • Integrates CK Editor as HTML editor with drg_default_html_editor gem
  • Integrates elFinder file manager with drag&drop support and role based access to file system
    Visit project homepage, go to demo page and walk build in CMS.

If you are interested, visit project source code on Github repository You are welcome to contribute to the project.

You may also follow this instructions link and try to make web site in 15 minutes.


Damjan Rems,