Best Mongo Framework to work with Rails

Hi all,

Wanted to hear your opinions about the currently best option for mongo
with Rails.

Thank you all in advance,
Vasco Andrade e Silva

Dude, there is an awesome gem called Mongoid It is all modularized and built using the ActiveModel api, it's like if you were just using ActiveRecord.

I have used this gem and I recommend it :wink:

There is also another gem called mongomapper, from John Nunemaker, but I don't know how good it is.


Rodrigo Alves Vieira
Recife - Brasil |

You’ll need to look for yourself which one suits your needs and requirements best, but Mongoid seems to have more features. That’s the gist of it. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

I'd challenge you to look for yourself at the feature comparison. The
newest MongoMapper gem matches feature for feature with Mongoid. There
may have been a time when Mongoid took the lead, but now they are just
about even.

And please don't think my recent patch being accepted into MongoMapper
core colors my opinion. It's just the facts... :wink:

Thank you all for your answers!

Vasco Andrade e Silva

Mongoid has very alien and complicated API when working with embedded