New i18n release (0.8.0.beta1)

Hello all,

I’ve been helping Sven Fuchs maintain the i18n gem and I’m pleased to let you know that I’m prepping a new release of this gem (0.8.0). This new release will affect every Rails version since Rails 3.2, so I want to make sure this release is bullet-proof!

Included in this release are some relatively simple new features and a bunch of bug fixes. Info about this release is available at

We would love it if you could test out this gem in your applications by simply adding it to your application’s Gemfile:

gem ‘i18n’, ‘0.8.0.beta1’

Then run your application’s tests and let us know if this gem version bump has broken anything. If it has, please post your issue to with some steps to reproduce. We’ll try to attend to this issues in a timely fashion.

Since we’re at the end of the year and it’s typically a crazy time, the final release of 0.8.0 will be done likely in the middle of January. We would rather not break things in the middle of December!

Thanks for taking the time to test out this release!

I ran the Rails test suite with the beta version of i18n and everything is looking great!

Thank you for taking care of it Ryan.