Need few developers who want to get interesting online learning for free

I’m looking for 10-15 RoR developers who wants to become first users of my educational service for free. This is limited offer, so I’m looking for motivated guys who can give me feedback.

  • You are junior or between junior and senior RoR developer and want to improve your skills to become strong Senior

  • You have 2-8 hours each week and motivation to read lessons and execute practical tasks

  • We’ll give you lessons + practical tasks that should improve your professional level a lot

  • You can give feedback and reviews

For applying that free offer you need to sign up on or reply to me


I’ll bite. I’ll signup and evaluate for you.

Hello Mikhail

This is Deepak Kumar Sharma. I read your post on RoR talk. I am
interested in thing. I want to enhance my concepts and
business logics and this seems the best opportunity to me. I am ready
to work with you on educational service

Please guide me what more do I need to do to become a part of your team.

Thanks You :slight_smile:

And gals? Two of the best coders on my team are not guys...


Yes, of course! I mean everybody who is motivated are welcome. I also know few gals which are awesome in programming!

Thanks for your support! Your help is really welcome and I invite you to join for the first batch and review my lessons and practical tasks.

I am interested and I just signed up.
Let the lessons begin!

Thank you, folks, for signing up! I’m working hard to complete first lesson about transactions and databases and it’ll be ready pretty soon. Thanks for your support.

I am interseted and just signedup on . Now waiting for lessons.

I don't know if I will have the time to complete all the lessons but I could help you with the grammar and wording. Your landing page needs some work in the English department. Do you want my help with this?

I have signed up, and have enough time for your lessons and tasks.
thanks your invertation