Seeking Instructor for Advanced RoR Online Course

Hi everyone,

(apologies in advance for the non-core-development topic, this is best
place I can think of to find Rails experts).

A few weeks ago I floated out an idea on my local (Vancouver, BC) RoR
meetup of organizing an online course. In it I said,

"I'm looking into organizing an evenings RoR course and am trying to
gauge interest. I've spoken with number of people who want to learn
Rails, ranging from total programming beginners to professional
looking to grow their toolbox. The course will be quite comprehensive
- taking students through building a basic app, but also diving into
the Ruby ecosystem, the Rails internals, swapping out different
backends for ActiveRecord, deployment options, etc.. The goal is that
at the end the students should really feel like they know Rails and
can confidently use in their real work (as the other posts on this
list attests, there's no shortage of opportunities for Rails devs :)).

The full post it here:

There has been *considerable* interest. We limit the classes sizes to
9 max (both since we believe any more than that starts to detract from
the learning experience and because we use Google Hangouts for live

I've been able to find local Rubyists for beginner / non-expert
course, but I'd really like to find someone who knows Rails inside out
to teach the 'pro' course. The typical profile of a student here is:
experienced developer, usually with a related degree and at minimum a
couple years experience (often java or .net) but little Rails
knowledge. Obviously I can't put these guys in the same class as total
programming beginners needing to learn what http is. Moreover, they
want a deep understanding of Rails so they can bring it to their
companies and be effective in producing real software relatively
quickly (as opposed to just being able to create a basic app).

The course will be hosted on Matygo (disclosure: my startup). We've
been running Computer Science courses at 4 large canadian universities
for 10 months but are shifting now to provide community-targeted

1) Real-time class/lectures using Google + (with extras) hangouts.
This is usually 1.5 hours per week, for example Thursday 7-9:30pm
2) 24/7 access to discussion boards, learning resources to read/watch/
try, and assignments through the matygo web (sproutcore), iphone, and
android apps.

The idea is to take a real-world quality learning experience and bring
it online using the best of synchronous/f2f and asynchronous learning.
The course would run 4-6 weeks. I can help as a TA with sourcing
materials, organizing, and any other logistics.

With regard to price, in my original email to the list I suggested
$149 for the intro course, but given the demand and level of the 'pro'
course I think something much closer to $300/seat would be reasonable
(or even more if you are a recognized name). We use the app store
model (you set the price, we pay 70% out).

Please let me know at is this is something you'd be
interested in doing.

Thanks in advance! Hope you all have a wonderful day :slight_smile: