Looking for a partner to work on weekend project

Hi all!

I'm a student at a technical school in India, and am somewhat new to Rails. I had a small project idea, which I wanted to work on, but I feel I'm spending too much time trying to learn what must be obvious to any half-experienced coder on Rails.

I presume that this project will take no more than a weekend (or two, at max), if I have a somewhat experienced guy to work with.

And yes, this is a commercial idea, not a development project. Looking at a very long-term perspective, I think it might even make money, if hosted. However, I am only a student at the present moment, so I can't pay you for your time.

If you're interested, please email me at chinmay007@gmail.com, and we'll take it from there.

I would prefer folks who: a) have some experience b) are students (not pros, so that we can spend some time on this should we decide its worth it) c) Based in India? (Not really necessary. What is Skype for?)

Look forward to your email.

Regards, Chinmay +91 99820 18699

Well good luck on your project. Having a concrete idea to work towards is a great place to start learning Rails or Ruby.

BTW it may end up being easier to just to work with someone local, from a pure timezone perspective. If you need weekend availability for communications and co-ordination, it helps if your free time actually coincides. India is pretty time-zone isolated from other IT heavy countries.

I would look for India Rails or Ruby user groups first. Or share your idea with the list to see if you can attract people with a shared vision. Though if you believe your idea has commercial prospects I can understand if you are reluctant to do that.

Still, your written english is excellent, theres no reason why you cannot work with english speakers (besides the fact that they may be sleeping or in class when you have free time). The speed of Rails development means that you could even pair program/online mentor over the net to a shared development server or code repository. In addition to being a great experience, it would be the quickest way to fix your lack-of-knowledge problem.

Anyway welcome to Rails, and good luck with your project.

regards, Richard.

Hi ,

I am ready to work with you. We can make it by GoogleTalk / Yahoo Messenger.