NameError: undefined local variable or method `itinerary' for main:Object

I am doing the sample application “trips-app” based on this slightly deprecated set of instructions
I’ll tell what worked so far and what has been different.
In the instructions it refers to db/migrations but on my version of rails it is db/migrate
I ran into this error but I resolved it
ActiveRecord::DuplicateMigrationNameError: Multiple migrations have the name CreateItineraries
by finding the duplicate file in finder and just dragging it to the trash.
Then I was able to perform a rake:db migrate
But the entire time I have been getting this error
NameError: undefined local variable or method itinerary' for main:Object from (irb):1 from /Users/dev/.rubies/ruby-2.2.2/bin/irb:11:in
Instead of the errors that are documented from the set of instructions I am using.
I found a great deal of similar errors on stackexchange and so on, but so far I’ve yet to glean yet specifically I am meant to do here.
Here is a sampling of the results one will come across on Yahoo! today if searching the boolean “NameError: undefined local variable or method for main:Object” (sans the keyword `itinerary’)!topic/ziya-plugin/-YXdFbFaA5s

I have bolded the pages that I found helpful but I still need a specific solution, any takers?

Copy/paste here the entire command and results from the terminal for a
command that fails.
Also tell us the result of
ruby -v
rails -v
and tell us which operating system you are using.