Multiple Rails versions, multiple database sources, and mutiple gem versions

Windows has a rvm counterpart called pik. Which lets you switch between multiple ruby versions.

However the best way is to develop on a VM. With large enough RAM and two processor cores assigned to a VM it feels like native development.

Thanks. Ganesh

Yes I mean virtual machines. To install a VM

First the iso file has to be downloaded from Ubuntu site. Then VirtualBox software has to be downloaded While creating a new VM, the iso has to be added in the optical drive section So after the VM starts, it takes you into Ubuntu installation and the process is pretty easy. I am sure there are detailed docs on the net for this.

A 60 GB virtual hard disk would suffice for development.

Thanks, Ganesh

I would use a different VM for each project, and use Vagrant to manage those VMs. There are lots of resources related to using Vagrant to manage rails dev environments. Here is one good screen cast Using Vagrant for Rails Development | GoRails.

In a linux VM you can use rvm.

Rvm supports multiple versions and gemsets. Depending on your GemFile it will pick up the right version. is our friend for similar use cases in GNU/Linux environment.


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