Multiple dynamically generated form fields

Just wondering what the best “Rails way” to do this would be…

I have a form that uses an auto complete text box and a

    that holds n number of selections from the text box. The
      is made up of multiple
    • each with the id set to the modelname_id. When the user submits the form, I parse through the
    • elements and populate two hidden form fields (one for each type of model in the
        ) with a , separated string then on the server I split the fields and create my database records. This all works fine but it doesn’t seem “right”

        How should I be doing this? I thought about creating hidden input fields (one for each

      • ) or create input fields in the
      • and disabling and styling them to look the way I need...? Seems like rails would be able to handle the array of fields better then the , delimited fields I'm currently using...??

        Not sure of the best approach.