Multiple Check Box

I had given like

Java<%=check_box_tag "employees", "skills[]", "Java" %>
Rails<%=check_box_tag "employees", "skills[]", "Rails" %>
C<%=check_box_tag "employees", "skills[]", "C" %>

since it belongs to the "employee" object. So both the checkboxes (Java
and Rails) are selected in the "new" page.

In the controller, I had given

@employees =['employees'])

Also in the DB, I am having a table called as "employees" and in that
"skills" is a column.

Is it possible in DB to have a single column "skills" for multiple
(Java, Rails and C)

Well ActiveRecord will serialize stuff into a single column (see the
serialize method), but typically the way you would do this would be to
have a skills table and then a has many through between employees and