Check Box and Radio Button

      I am using multiple check box and a radio
button and when I click the "Submit" button, it calls the "create"
method it is inserting only 1 value for checkbox and also for the radio
Could you please tell how to insert multiple check box values in create.
Please send me the link if you have any sample programs.

<% for something in @something %>
   <%= check_box_tag name[],, checked = false %>
<% end %>
and you receive the id's of the checked check boxes in array of name
i.e. params[:name]

Salil Gaikwad wrote:

Java<%=check_box("employees", "skills", {}, "Java", "Java")%>
Rails<%=check_box("employees", "skills", {}, "Rails", "Rails")%>
C<%=check_box("employees", "skills", {}, "C", "C")%>
   Here even if I select both Java and Rails, only Java value is
selected and inserting in database. Could you please tell to make both
the values inserted into the database.

this is because you are giving same name [employees, skills] to both the
if you change it as follows.

Java<%=check_box("employees", "skills", {}, "Java", "Java")%>
Rails<%=check_box("employees", "skills1", {}, "Rails", "Rails")%>

and if ypu select both Java and Rails it will give following result

"employees"=>{"skills1"=>"Rails", "skills"=>"Java"}

    Also, in the scaffold edit page, the default "edit" method displays
all the fields (including checkbox and radio buttons) as
"text_field"(text box) with only single value.
Could you please tell how to populate multiple checkbox and radio
buttons in the edit page with the values populating.
Please send me the link if you have any sample programs.

sorry, i didn't get this .......please explain it in details.