Multilingual model content


I'm looking for some insight in a small problem I have. I allready
posted this in the Rails I18n forum, but didn't got any respond, so
maybe it was just the wrong forum.

I need multilingual input in my models. Lets say you have a Product
model. That product contains title, description and price. The price is
allways the same, but the title and description need to be inputted in
diffrent languages.

I have used the I18n framework build in Rails, so no external plugin and
I would like to keep it that way.

One idea I was playing with is the following model build:


I wrote a plugin to solve the same problem you have.

Hope that helps.

In that case maybe the translate_column plugin by Sam Lown may work for you.

Hi Michael,

if you want to have dynamic language support the best choice may be:

or (better)
and if you want the versions for your translations:
The only problem with these plugins is that you can’t have the control
of the translation model (eg.: you cannot have an upload field on
translations model, it is difficult to apply constraints on
translations model, etc.), but if your goal is simply translating
string fields these plugins are great !

Taking a look at the code, maintenance and test coverage in my opinion
it's a better solution than translate_columns.