I'm Portuguese and it really bothers me that rails has no decent
internationalization support in it's core.

A simple yaml dictionary-like file would be enough to translate it to
different languages and using a smart route we could translate the 7
basic actions + models + error messages to any language. Then it
should support a place for the user to place the string he want, so
that the whole webapp can be translated in a simple yaml file. With
some textmate integration, changing the language in rails would be as
easy as using a route for that.

What do you guys think about this? Don't you agree that it's
primordial for a framework for web development to support
internationalization. I mean rails is always a step ahead of the
competition, and it should be one step ahead in this point as well.

I know there are some plugins for this but I'm conviced that it would
be done the rails way, simple and clean, if it was in the core.

Thanks for the time :slight_smile:

Last I checked the project was still Open Source, and in fact its
still accepting patches! Feel free to add this functionality if it
really bothers you that much.

The authors of the various i18n plugins are, unless something’s gone haywire, working out how to do this right now. If any of them could jump into this conversation and point you to their project you could help out.

You’re not the only one frustrated by this. We’re trying to get it done right and, unfortunately, that seems to be taking some time.

::Jack Danger

Globalization support is a frequent feature request, and several people have already created good plugins for filling this need. In typical Rails style, the issues are being worked out in plugins, and when a good solution has consensus support, that will probably get rolled into core. The core team is in support of this approach, and many of the globalization plugin authors are currently working on a unified solution that is based on existing plugins.

In the mean time, check out Matt Aimonetti's globalite plugin. It sounds like it does everything you need.