Moving plural detection and --force-plural option to models generator

Hi all,

I talked to Aaron briefly about this at RailsConf, but I just wanted to bring this up here before I start working on it in case anyone objects.

I will be looking into moving the “Plural version of the model detected, using singularized version. Override with --force-plural.” warning and the associated flag into the model generators. Currently this is only in the resource (and hence scaffold) generator, so if you do “rails g resource things” Rails will fix it for you (and warn you about it), but if you do “rails g model things” it will happily do it for you, which seems kind of bizarre.

If anyone objects or knows the historical reasons why it’s setup this way, otherwise I hope to start working on this soon and see if I can get it in asap.

On a more serious note, I’m also planning to submit another pull request to rename the default application.js to sprinkles.js as well as properly documenting the 1 MB limit. Is that cool with everyone? :wink:

Godfrey / @chancancode

PS nice meeting everyone at RailsConf!