more visual effect questions?

I have my divs fading and appearing.. BUT!! they all fade the first time even if they are checked.. guess that is because im using toggle..

<%= f.check_box :monday, :onclick => visual_effect(:toggle_appear, 'mondaydiv') %>

so I would guess that I have to write some RJS to fade all the div's if the associated checkboxs is unchecked when the page first loads.

anyone either point me to a doc that explains this or tell me a better way of doing this!!


Or you could just hide the divs that should be hidden by specifying style=‘display:none’ on them…


I follow what your saying... BUT :> remember I'm a newbie...

in my case would that be monday.field == false?

how do i refer to which checkbox i want to use?

No, I’m guessnig your form’s checkboxes are checked/uncheked depending on a boolean variable somewhere. So use this variable to determine the visible/invisible state of your divs.