HELP!!! check_box visual_effect

what am i doing WRONG!!!!!!

<%= f.check_box :monday, :on_click => visual_effect('toggle',
'mondaydiv', 'blind') %>

It’s :onclick, not :on_click.

still doesn;t work.. are The &quot; screwing it up?

this is what I have and gets renedered

<%= f.check_box :monday, :onclick => visual_effect(:toggle,
:mondaydiv, 'blind') %>

<input checked="checked" id="avaliblity_monday"
name="avaliblity[monday]" onclick="new
Effect.Toggle(&quot;mondaydiv&quot;,{blind:});" type="checkbox"
value="1" />

figured it out...

<%= f.check_box :monday, :onclick => visual_effect(:toggle_appear,
'mondaydiv') %>

Just use visual_effect(:toggle) instead. Set the style on the element to show by default if that’s what you want.