visual effect for the div


In a partial,

I display "group_name" , when clicked on groupname the div with id="abc"
should appear below my group.

I want to make my div visible false initially at the time of loading my
page and Once click on the groupname I the div should be visible below
the groupname.

I tried with follwing code. But I div is visible every time and only
the visual_effect is applying to the first grouname only.

Please help. Thanks.

   <div class="profile_text_details float_left">
        <h5 class="page_heading">

<%= link_to_function user.group_name,
visual_effect(:grow,"abc",:direction => "center",:duration => 1) , {
:controller => "users" ,:action => "grouplist" } %>



<div id="abc">

  <td class="people_profile">

    <div class="clear_float_effect">

  <% @currentgroupfriends.each do |user| %>
          <h6 class="page_heading"><%= user.login %></h6>
          <% end %>


thank you