Modelling Question - developing meta system

Hey everyone,

Just a quick Q.

Can anybody point me to some resources regarding a modeling quandary I
am in. I have to develop a meta system that allows users to specify
their own model variables. For instance, I have a model Team and the
users must be able to define, through a simple web interface,
variables such as name (specifying the variable as a string), number
of players (specifying the variable as a drop down of numbers) and
then other users can enter teams into the system. This is similar to
content creation kit in drupal but a lot less "DRUPAL" and a lot more
rails. I can put this together but think that I will end up with a
messy application that will ultimately serve to frustrate. Has
anybody come across discussion on this before?



Well you could model this as Team having many attributes and the
attributes table stores key value pairs. You could separately store
which attributes are permissible for the Team model.
You might also find that a document database like couchdb makes this
less hassle.


Thanks Fred