Migrations not running in Docker

I am having an issue where my migrations are not running in docker. No error, no output, nothing.

When I run rake db:migrate:status I get this error:

Schema migrations table does not exist yet.


But when I run it on the host machine (OSX) migrations run just fine.

Here’s my Dockerfile:

FROM scardon/ruby-node-alpine:2.5.0

# install dependencies for nokigiri and postgres
RUN apk --update add \
    git \
    gcc \
    musl-dev \
    make \
    libxml2 \
    libxslt \
    libxml2-dev \
    libxslt-dev \
    postgresql-client \
    postgresql-dev \

# clean up files
RUN rm -rf /var/lib/apk/*


Any help would be appreciated.

When running in the console, it works just fine.

ActiveRecord::Migrator.migrate "db/migrate"


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