rake migrate- problems


On page 37 and 38 I can see the migrations for slideshow and slides tables. I dont see a migration for photos…do you have a migration for the photos table?

If so, can you paste the code so we can have a look. If you only have 3 migrations, paste al 3.


The one difference I note is that you are using

    create_table "photos" do |photo|
      photo.column "filename", :string

where in the other tables |t| is used. Is it possible that photo is
used somewhere else?

I had a similar problem. I did a "rake db:migrate VERSION=0"
and then deleted the schema.rb file. I then did a normal
"rake db:migrate" and everything worked fine.


I have found that running a development server (./scripts/server)
while doing migrations can help as the SQL statements being generated
and the DB servers responses appear in the logs. This can help track
down errors.