Master/Slave database setup with Rails?

I currently setting up a master slave configuration with MySQL where I
will have 1 master for reads/writes and a slave for reads. Just looking
around, I see the Masochism plugin was written for this. Has anyone
used this and does it work well in a production environment with high
traffic? Are there any better solutions? Thanks!

I haven't used that one, but we used another one (mysql_replication_adapter I think it was). That one worked well. Where we used that one I heard they switched over to this one and love it. The site is huge too so meets your criteria.


My woes were a little bit like yours, Masochism broke badly with the
then current rails (2.2) and I had to find a solution. None were
available so I just took the simplest solution (that should have been
the only solution...) that was a "fake" db adapter that handled the
calls to a master/slave connection as needed.

Shout if you have any troubles using it.