mysql_replication_adapter for Rails 2.2 available

Hi there.

We use the mysql_replication_adapter gem for our Rails app (1 master, 4 slaves). It was incompatible with Rails 2.2, so I updated it and put it on github to share. If you have a database cluster and aren't using mysql_replication_adapter, what are you using?

Read about the update here:

Hope this helps someone. -Chris

Hi Chris,

I rolled my own solution after Masochism stopped working, much like what you did, but with only one slave config, sharing between slaves would be done by using a round-robin dns update.

Also, does it really needs to be done MySQL specific? Your database adapter could just use the "mysql_connection" method to create a connection instead of using database specific code.

Hi Mauricio.

Thanks for your reply. I only needed a mysql adapter.

Feel free to fork the repos to work on abstracting it, and I'll gladly accept pull requests.